Who we are

A diverse group of experienced and talented individuals with a strong passion for positive change

Our team offers groundbreaking ideas by adopting a creative approach and applying the best thinking tools, to reduce disparities in the levels on development growth and quality of life.

Our manifesto

To build prosperous societies

At RESET we believe that building prosperous societies in half about realizing the potential – creating something different – and half about the execution. That’s why we offer human-centered solutions which are backed up by research, open dialogues approaches, and community engagement.

Social Justice and Social Inclusion.
Open Dialogue to address social challenges.
Digital literacy & digital resilience.
Skill development to professionals and individuals.
Prevention of risky behaviours (radicalization, gambling and substance abuse).
Practice & policy interventions.
Our team

Researchers, innovators, change agents

Dr. Eliza Patouris

Co-founder and Managing Director

A creative visionary; building towards resetting the future of tomorrow.

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Katerina Louvary

Strategic Development officer

Legal practitioner, focusing on diversity and inclusion by actively advocating for equal human rights.

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Stephanie Kalavazidou

Communication and Impact Manager

Insight-obsessed and curious anthropologist, that brings data, insights and creative constructs together to land new ideas.

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Emily Mavridou

Project Manager, Expert in Migration and Youth

Humanities nerd, working towards a social breakthrough.

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Panayiotis Loizou

Project Manager, Expert in Sports and Public Health

A Sports and Public Health expert, confronting health and well-being related issues of current societies.

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Eleni Kyrillou

Project Manager, Expert in Culture and Arts

An active actor within society; challenging injustice and unfairness to create inclusive societies.

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External Collaborators

In addition to our core team, we proudly collaborate with a diverse group of external experts who specialize in the following areas:

  • Climate justice
  • Metaverse
  • Digital technology
  • Environmental Education
  • Financial Literacy
  • STEAM Education

Our partners



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