Promotion of active citizenship, young people’s sense of initiative and youth social entrepreneurship

YouthIES is an EU project funded by Erasmus+ which aims to:
a) Promote active eco-citizenship among youth for social entrepreneurship climate innovation at community level;
b) Advance quality of youth work through knowledge in the use of digital storytelling and design thinking for youth to tackle community environment issues;
c) Increase cross-sectoral and transnational cooperation in this field; and
d) Adopt participatory action research methodology for co-creation of project tools and resources.

  • A Stakeholder Scrutiny Panel comprising 30 youth practitioners, young people, entrepreneurship professionals, climate workers, and community/municipality members
  • YouthIES Vlog Box containing 12 digital storytelling videos co-created with climate practitioners covering Environmental Degradation, Reduced Habitats, Local Deforestation, Soil erosion, Water pollution, & 30 youth-led DS videos on their community-based interventions.
  • A Training Pack for Youth Workers with 5 modules: YouthIES VlogBox (12 digital storytelling videos), Design Thinking,
    Community-based interventions & Youth-Led Participatory Action, Social Entrepreneurship, & DS for climate action.
  • An Open Resource eToolkit for youth with 50 resources on Urban Farming, Ecological Footprint, Nature-based solutions,
    & Design Thinking methods (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype &Test)
  • 6 National 2-day Enviro-Hackathons for Youth-Led Community interventions involving 60 youth workers & 120 youth for direct application of YouthIES methods to develop social entrepreneurship community-based projects.
  • Involvement of 7 Associate Partners incl. Communities, Municipalities, Youth Associations
  • 6 National Virtual Competitions with 600 votes deriving from community, environmental & entrepreneurship experts & public.
  • 6 Experiential-based Community-based Youth interventions
  • Availability of project materials in 6 languages (FR, EN, GR, PO, MT, ES)
  • Six local awareness-raising events, & one social media campaign reaching more than 300,000 people through a strategic coordinated dissemination sustainability & exploitation plan.







Research And Education Of Social Empowerment And Transformation – Reset Ltd – Cyprus

  • GenderLens Aps, Italy
  • TREE AGENCY OU, Estonia